Saturday, December 20, 2014

New Years Eve Party Dresses for Women

The year 2014 is coming to an end and it's the time to welcome the New Year. The year so far has been like a bag of mixed feelings, bringing joy to some faces and tears in some eyes. After Halloween and Christmas party, I guess New Year party is going to be the biggest. So have you decided how you are going to celebrate the party, which party dresses you are going to wear? Everyone wants to look stylish, different and be the talk of the party. If you are still undecided what you will be wearing, have a look at these New Year Party Dresses that will definitely make you stand out of the crowd.

Women's 2 Piece Lucky Charm for New Year

Corset with lace overlay, side zipper and lace up back and attached layered ruffled skirt. (petticoat, sparkle top hat and thigh high sold separately. Clover wand not included)

 Women's 2 Piece Lucky Charm for New Year

Corset with side-zipper, lace up back, skirt, bolero, headband. (petticoat and thigh highs sold separately) Manufacturer: Be wicked

 Women's 5 Piece Sweetheart Snow Costume

Long Shimmering Dress And Matching Top With Jewel Accents. Seashell Not Included.

 Women's 2 Piece Mermaid

Includes Corset, Skirt, Tail, Built-in Petticoat. 
Manufacturer: Be wicked

Bustier With Attached Skirt, Jeweled Choker (Black Back-Seam Garter Belt Stocking, Hat And 150 Gram Feather Boa Sold Separately)Manufacturer: Be wicked

Includes: Halter Top, Detached Sleeves, Hat, Skirt (Black Petticoat And Black Opaque Thigh Highs With Bow, Mask Sold Separately). Manufacturer: Be wicked

 Women's 4 Piece Black Antoinette Costume

Women's Elegant Flapper Adult Costume

Includes themed dress, boa, and hat. Does not include shoes.Manufacturer: Buy Seasons