LINGERIE... yes or no in bed?

Question: i personally love lingerie i think its soo sexy, but my boyfriend doesn't like it at all.. he says why would i want you clothed, being naked is way sexier..soo anyways i was just asking the men and women out there what do they think? do you like lingerie, what kind colors fabrics etc.

Answer: I am a 25 yr. old male. I think that sex is extremely important in a relationship for obvious reasons, or, at least...obvious to me. Sex is human nature. Sex appeal of your loved one....important. Sex appeal can range from merely being absolutely attracted to a person for their personality, body, character, or whatever combination (hopefully a combination). It is important to keep your spouse and/or partner happy in bed. Keeping them happy in the sack reduces or eliminates the probability of cheating or using porn (the latter might be an arousal tool in some cases). But, if your hubby or bf doesnt prefer lingerie, but you do, meet in the middle. Dont just tease him with lingerie then walk out of the room. I doubt you do, that would just be cruel and unusual punishment haha. But, tell him you want to feel sexy for awhile and that is what does it, do your thing, then get down to business. He might find that the slow, passionate or fiery removal of the lingerie can be just as fun when alls said and done. Then sometimes, just get down to business because thats what your dude prefers. Since your bf or hubby loves you, he shouldnt have a problem meeting you in the middle somewhere. Long answer, sorry