Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Best Easter Costumes

Only 5 days left until Easter Sunday! I am sure you have started the preparations for the gathering with your family and friends, the excitement about the Easter egg hunt is spread all over among the children (and not only!) and Easter decorations are taking over the house and the yard! Here I have for you some very interesting ideas, to make you look stunning and at the same time be in the spirit of the Holiday! Leave the preparations to the side and do some fun shopping instead! It is a collection of bunny costumes and lingerie that is just what you need to make this Easter special and a bit more… spicy!

Magic Bunny Adult Costume

Look magical in this Magic Bunny Adult Costume! It is funny, sexy and smart all at the same time! Perfect for any Easter gathering!

Rabbit In The Hat Trick (Quick Change) Adult

This is a great 2 in 1 costume! One moment you are a magician wearing a stylish tuxedo and next moment a sexy bunny! In both occasions, the costume looks great!

Late Rabbit Adult Costume

An elegant white dress to wear any moment but still you can be in an Easter spirit! This Bunny costume is great for family gatherings and even for partying!

White Rabbit Adult Costume
I believe any woman wearing this costume would look irresistible. You can either wear it as it is for a special moment or for a night out, or you can combine it with a pair of jeans! Either way it will be impressive!

An why not prepare for your boyfriend or your husband a special night by wearing a black tie bunny chiffon babydoll with faux fur tail, necktie and cuffs or a club bunny teddy with ears, cuffs, bow tie, and black tail. I am sure it will be a nice surprise and you will make this Easter memorable!

Club Bunny Teddy

Bunny Chiffon Babydoll

Here there are some more old-time classic Bunny Costumes! Maybe someone needs to dress out like Easter Bunny himself! They are suitable for both male and female, ready to add some joy to the Easter egg hunt!

Deluxe Easter Bunny Adult Costume

Premium Rabbit Adult Costume

Deluxe Easter Bunny Costume

I hope helped you find some interesting Easter - ideas!
I wish you all a very Happy Easter!