Monday, April 4, 2011

Look Like a celebrity with Burlesque Corsets

You feel like you need to pump up your style but you don’t know exactly how? Then add some vintage retro and dramatic touch to it and go burlesque! Burlesque is the hottest trend to hit the market the latest years. Burlesque goes way back into the 17th century but it is all thanks to Dita Von Teese, the burlesque dancer and actress, who put this fashion into the spot light.

New Burlesque collection

Wearing a corset is without any doubt hot! A burlesque corset can be worn as sexy underwear, or can easily be transferred into everyday fashion. Either way, worn alone or with a blazer on top ,it will pump your self confidence and show off your feminine form in the most seductive way. If you want to look daring in red you can chose the Lace-Up Lover Burlesque Corset or the Burlesque Corset and Petticoat. If you prefer to wear tempting black you can choose the Embroidered Burlesque Corset or the Strapless Burlesque Corset. For those who want something more colorful Daisy Corsets has something for you too! Look irresistible in the fuchsia 2 PC Burlesque Bustier or the white and blue Cotton Candy Burlesque Corset. Wear the Silver Bells Burlesque Corset and Pettiskirt to feel fabulous and classy and look like a fairytale in the pink and white Strapless Burlesque Corset. No matter which corset you choose to wear, these Corsets will bring out the most sexy and feminine and side of you!